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Arelle is a project providing the XBRL community with an easy-to-use open source platform and toolkit for XBRL. Arelle is written in Python, licensed under the Apache License.  Arelle is available on Windows (64 bits), Mac OS and Linux platforms. Arelle has two main characteristics:

  • Arelle functionalities are accessible either from a rich client tool, the Arelle User Interface or as server, through REST services, to run heavy tasks in batch mode. 
    This offers agility for integrating XBRL processes into existing software architecture, e.g. for loading information from a data source into XBRL instances.

  • Arelle is totally taxonomy-agnostic; all its behaviour is driven by taxonomies that are loaded at runtime. As very significant result, whenever a new version of a taxonomy is released, it is automatically supported by Arelle. This characteristic has as consequence that the maintenance effort is light.

Acsone continously improves Arelle project and better supports specificities linked to EBA and Solvency II taxonomies. These improvements are Acsone property.
Hereafter we present native Arelle project features in comparison with the features that Acsone adds to support respectively EBA taxonomies and Solvency II.

Arelle, EBA EditionArelle, Solvency II Edition
XBRL edition
Create, edit and display XBRL report (available for taxonomies using Table Linkbase rules)
Copy from Excel/Paste to Arelle
Save as HTML for one table/whole XBRL reportPlug-inPlug-in
Improvements for edition (Tooltips to display long labels, content of drop down lists, tab names, etc.)Plug-inPlug-in
Delete line/column for open Y/X axisPlug-inPlug-in
Support for editing open X/Y/Z axisPlug-inPlug-in
Hide/Display XBRL taxonomy informationPlug-inPlug-in
Excel support also called QRT for Solvency II (Optional)
Export one table into Excel filePlug-inPlug-in
Export selected tables into Excel filePlug-inPlug-in
Import one table from Excel filePlug-inPlug-in
Import selected tables from Excel filePlug-inPlug-in
Control of the imported valuesPlug-inPlug-in
XBRL validation
Formula linkbase support
Validation by tablePlug-inPlug-in
Validation for whole report
Contextual display of validation errorsPlug-inPlug-in
Activation/deactivation of validation rulesPlug-inPlug-in
Display of formula execution timesPlug-inPlug-in
EBA features (CRD IV)
Support for EBA disclosure system
Support for filing indicatorsPlug-in
Wizard for creation of EBA reportPlug-in
Enforcement of the constraints on figures from EBA disclosure systemPlug-in
EIOPA features (Solvency II)
Support for EIOPA disclosure system
Support for filing indicatorsPlug-in
Wizard for creation of Solvency II reportPlug-in
Enforcement of the constraints on figures from EIOPA disclosure systemPlug-in
National Authories support
Save as file following the CSSF file naming conventionsPlug-in
CSSF plausibility checksPlug-in
Save as file following the CAA file naming conventionsPlug-in
XBRL specification support
Support for Dimension/Formula/Table/Presentation/Computation Linkbases
Support for taxonomy packages