For a long time GIS (Geographical Information Systems) have been considered as a technology requiring heavy investments. This was primarly due to the costs of the software and the costs of the maps. Moreover GIS required specific softwares and therefore was meant only for trained experts.

Nowadays open-source web-GIS solutions have been developed and enable GIS solutions to be used by everybody through a web browser.

Acsone has developed the necessary web GIS skills and will help you with the following topics:

Visualize your data on maps

Extract geographical information from your business databases and embrace the power of visualizing it on maps.
Our solutions are able to connect any data source, compute business information and display useful informations on maps.
Thanks to interactive web applications, customer are able to query their systems on both business and geographical criteria.  These geographical reprensentation are a great help when taking strategic and operational decisions. 

Modify data directly on maps

More than just view your data on maps, our applications will make you interact with them, always within your preferred browser:

  • Selecting items and modify their underlying data (interaction between the map and the core-application);
  • Draw items on the map, associate meta-data and store it within your core-application;
  • Move items and store new locations;
  • Etc.

Your business maps on mobile

You have people on the road and they lack information about customers or assets location?  You would like to guide them during their tours?

No problem! The technology that we use is completely mobile-ready. With your preferred smartphone or tablet (Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, ...), you will be able to visualize data on a mobile map. Our maps connect to your servers and benefit from the real-time information that your backoffice colleague will provide.

You can even interact with it (update location or shape of displayed assets, add business information to it using standard forms) and save your input real-time to your servers.  

All those capabilities are available using easy and user-friendly mobile tools.

More than maps...

More than just data on maps, introducing a GIS infrastructure within your organization allows to compute information basing on geographical data.

This can lead to totally distinct applications like:

  • Search your business data basing on geographical criteria;
  • Compute statistical reports basing on locations;
  • Optimizing paths or tours;
  • Analyze the best locations by intersecting several geographical constraints;
  • Build your own layers and expose them via services (WMS)
  • ...

Technological details

If you want to know more about the technologies, take a look to our "GIS technologies" page.  Finally don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.  We will be more than happy to discuss about your challenges and find the best fitting solutions.