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From July 1st, Acsone is moving!

Adresse Acsone

We craft durable and reliable Software Solutions that 
help you achieve your goals faster.

Quality and Openness are at the core of our values and design principles.

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Open Source ERP Solutions

Odoo is the best open-source platform to build simple, user-friendly and efficient integrated ERP solutions.
With our experienced team combining business and technical expertise we provide strong solutions that optimise your business processes.
With references in the public and private sectors alike, we are organised to cover the full project lifecycle.

Digital Business Reporting

Many countries and the European Union impose XBRL for Business Reporting. As a consequence, financial companies have to master that new technology. 
Acsone helps its customers run XBRL projects or build up light, open, efficient, cost-effective components or solutions.
We build our solutions using Arelle.

Open Business Solutions

Using Java architecture and the best web frameworks we implement custom business solutions that perfectly fit our customers requirements.
We deliver high quality mobile-ready HTML5 web applications, solutions to automate exchanges with your partners and reporting solutions all based on open frameworks.

Document and Content Management

Our content management experts build scalable and flexible systems offering time and cost saving for your organisation. Our collaborative solutions are able to manage large documents and large volumes, supporting the most complex business processes.

Our solutions are based on the market technology and on open standards.