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Basically our solutions are based on a strong XBRL engine. It supports specifications of the XBRL standard and works directly upon taxonomy definitions. In consequence, it supports most of existing taxonomies (from EU, US, UK, Japan, etc.) for displaying/validation. 

This means limited effort for taxonomy maintenance or immediate compliance with the CRD IV or Solvency II validation rules. 

Our focus is to give to companies a cost effective and strong tool to produce XBRL instances.

To have a rapid overview of the solutions,    please see our   video  .

  • If you are a bank, an investment firm, an insurer or a financial services company seaching for a  lightintuitive and  reliable  turn-key solution for  CRD IV and  Solvency II taxonomies, then our solution will be the right option. 

If you are a bancassurance  filer, the benefit will be double because the same solution will be used for both reporting.

Our solutions offer all the features for  creating, viewing, validating XBRL instances. Data encoding by using  Excel  spreadsheets increase your efficiency and Excel template can be tailored to reflect  your existing organisation or integrated to your data sources.

  • If you are a significant player with IT infrastructure for document management system, workflow and authenfication capabilities, our solution is extensible and open to facilitate the integration of XBRL features into your IT architecture. XBRL processing can be triggered not only by user interface, but also by web services or line commands
  • If you are XBRL experts using Arelle project , Acsone provides also support for. Our XBRL solutions are based on the open source project  Arelle for wich we make contributions related to the implementation of Formula and Table linkbases.

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Acsone is an XBRL specialist with limited knowledge over the content. For us, CRD VI and Solvency II specialists are you and your consultancy and actuarial companies. To make their jobs, they are free to choose their tools. Our concern is focused on an efficient way to integrate your requirements and XBRL features into your IT infrastructure.

  • It is based on the open source project Arelle.org that presents the following characteristics:
  • continuously evolutionary because of its native implementation of taxonomies allowing the immediate integration of any new version of the taxonomy;
  • trusty thanks to its ability to straightly apply the validation rules as defined in the taxonomy;
  • extensible by a plug-in architecture;
  • technically " light"; it may be installed on workstations (Windows, Linux or MacOs), requiring only a few minutes to be installed. 
  • Business Reporting implementation impact lots of work practices.   Three types of impacts can be predicted:

  • adapting one's  organisation to produce the relevant regulatory information;
  • setting up the infrastructure and business organisation for creating, monitoring and exchanging XBRL reports with the supervisory authorities;
  • optimizing infrastructure and organisation.

Your company has to tackle these changes. Acsone has developed its own vision for the support of its XBRL solution to take care of your specificities. Our support includes:

  • the utilization of a modern  issue-tracking system that guarantees traceability, collaboration and reactivity;
  • interactive training session to meet rapidly your production requirements.