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Create your online store with ShopInvader, an e-commerce website perfectly integrated with Odoo.

Why choose 

  • Seamless and secure integration with Odoo
  • A clear technological separation between the e-commerce shop and ERP
  • Fast and powerful product faceted search 
  • Analysis of your customers’ habits
  • Reduced customer loss once they fill their shopping cart
  • Reinforced integration of payment solutions
  • Supports very high traffic and high volumes

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Software with odoo

We help you reach 
and achieve your goal

Thanks to our broad experience, both on technological and business sides, we are able to leverage the Odoo platform and deliver ambitious ERP systems that perfectly fits with your requirements.

We deploy our solution either on premise or in the cloud as SaaS.

An app for every need, expand as you grow

Our experts added-value lies in their in-depth knowledge of Odoo. They maximize the standard usage of Odoo and structure the necessary modules extensions in a professional, reliable and time-proof way.

Their expertise is also valuable when it comes to train your staff how each app can be used most efficiently.

Odoo Community Member

Acsone's team is a major contributor and an active member of the Odoo Community Association (OCA). Stéphane Bidoul, our CTO, is even a member of the board of the OCA. Thanks to the constant involvement, we better guide our customers when it comes to customizing the standard behaviour of Odoo.

By extending or creating open-source generic modules we help our customers to reduce the maintenance costs of their solution. Better quality, lower TCO, more frequent evolutions!

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When your requirements are specific and unique, a tailor-made solution is what you need.

Yet for this we leverage our in-depth knowledge of the open-source world in order to build an efficient solution based on open standards and open technologies.

Mobile-first responsive web applications, easy or complex backends, our team are highly skilled persons who work with you to design and implement the applications you were dreaming of.


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Document &
Content management

Document Management, Records Management, Collaboration, Process Management and MobileContent management are high value resources in a company but they can be challenging.

We build your document management system using the leading open-source ECM platformAlfresco. This modern platform combined with our ability to advise you on how to customize it to your needs leads to professional, efficient and time-saving document management systems.

As a result of our combined knowledge of Alfresco and Odoo, we published the AlfOdoo open-source module, used by the whole Odoo community to integrate Alfresco seamlessly within Odoo.

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We are the creator and maintainer of Arevio solution.

With its compact size, a robust features set, abundant controls and overall responsiveness, Arevio allows a large number of different uses, yielding a very good productivity. 

Besides our unique product, our experts are available to help you run XBRL projects and deliver sustainable solutions.


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