Acsone, your Odoo Gold Partner

In 2011, when we were looking for an integrated system to help us manage Acsone, we naturally selected Odoo which provided a unique combination of technical quality, feature coverage, and open source values. In a nutshell, it was a good match with our philosophy.

Our own project having been a success, it is in full knowledge that we decided to propose Odoo implementation and integration services to our customers. 

Thanks to the professionalism of our teams, we were rapidly awarded the Gold Partner status, both in Belgium and in Luxemburg. Today we are a well established and innovative partner. Our strong Odoo competence center is serving our customers and participates on a daily basis in the Odoo community.

Our Odoo Services

Thanks to our unique combination of business, technical and methodological expertise, working with Acsone will garantee the success of Odoo implementation project.

From the simplest standard implementation to sophisticated on-site or cloud deployments, including custom development and integration, we will guide you towards the best possible solution according to your goals and constraints.

Our agile methodology is tailored to the specific needs of an Odoo project, and we cover all the aspects of the Odoo project lifecycle.

  • Requirements gathering;
  • Identification of existing solutions and challenging assumptions;
  • Prototyping of sensitive aspects of the solution;
  • Configuration;
  • Iterative implementation with frequent delivery of working features;
  • Development of custom modules;
  • Testing and quality assurance;
  • Coaching, training and change management;
  • Deployment (on your premises or hosted by us);
  • Support and maintenance.

Best practices

For small-scale projects, Odoo can be configured through the web user interfaces, and it is very powerful as a rapid prototyping tool.

As soon as your projects goes beyond trivial, you need a truly robust solution, and you'll want to ask your integration partner to apply standard software engineering practices to your Odoo deployment. Acsone employs such state of the art techniques in all but the smallest projects, including:

  • customizations as modules;
  • source code control;
  • automated testing;
  • repeatable deployment;
  • isolation of test and production environments.

Acsone and the Odoo Community

Odoo is Open Source software. For Acsone, being part of the Odoo community is an integral part of our activity.

When designing Odoo based solutions, we always try to use the standard feature first. When customer requirements go beyond the standard we look if we can use a community module or contribute to extend an existing module or a new module when the requirements are generic.

Among other benefits, such an approach ensures we have identified the best possible solution and provide a durable system with mutualized maintenance costs.   Since day one, Acsone is an Associate Member and active    contributor    to the    Odoo Community Association   , a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.